The Third World Panel from a series on Socialist Feminist Theory recorded at the first national Socialist Feminist Conference at Antioch College, July 4, 1975. The speakers are Marietta(sp?) of the Latin Women's Collective of New York City who issues a statement collectively prepared by the Puerto Rican community; Bayyinah Shabazz, from the Youth Against War and Fascism in Philadelphia, PA, speaking from the collective statement written by the Black Women's Caucus; Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez from Albuquerque, NM who talks about Chicana struggles; Digna Sanchez, from the Puerto Rican Socialist Party; and Penny Chin from the Workers Viewpoint Organization in New York who reads the Asian Women's Statement, which was collectively prepared. Discussion of women's involvement in Third World liberation movements. Produced by Bonnie Bellow. Cataloging note: Previously cataloged as BC2817, but found other episodes from this event and created series. Added ".02".