A program about blues singer Bessie Smith (1894 - 1937), with many examples of her music and readings from three texts about Smith. Presented by Fleur Helsingor and Jane Ayres. Produced by Renee Roatcap. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Gulf Coast Blues; 2. Aggravatin' Papa; 3. Program intro and first reading by Helsingor about Bessie Smith; 4. Fankie Blues; 5. Moonshine Blues; 6. Empty Bed Blues; 7. Put it Right Here; 8. Second reading from Chris Albertson's biography of Smith, "Bessie" (Stein & Day, 1972); 9. Please Help Me; 10. Me and My Gin; 11. Moan You Mourners; 12. Third reading from a Jazz Record magazine article about Bessie Smith from September 1947; Shipwreck Blues; 13. Third reading; 14. Gimme a Pigfoot; 15. Take Me for a Buggy Ride; 16. Down in the Dumps; 17. Program outro. 18. Ballad of Bessie Smith. Master Joan Medlin.