A documentary that looks at the development of ideas that shaped the radical women's movement, mainly focusing on the movement in the 1970s. Includes bits of movie soundtracks, speeches and interviews with the women who made history. Topics covered in the program are women and labor unions in the early 20th century, the return to the home after WWII, women in the civil rights movement, the New Left and the beginning of the autonomous women's movement, the formation of women's liberation groups, the emergence of radical lesbian groups such as the Furies, the United Nations International Women's Year Conference of 1977, feminist health clinics and other women's centers, organizing women household workers, grand jury investigations of members of the women's movement, racism within the women's movement. Among those voices heard are Alix Kates Shulman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Leslie Cagan, Cynthia Funk, Joan Byron, Betty Friedan, Carol Downer, Gerri Traina, Edith Barksdale Sloan, Jill Raymond, Donna Keck, and Cynthia Washington. Produced by Moira Rankin and Deborah George. A presentation of the Sophie's Parlor Media Collective.