A documentary examining the mythology surrounding rape and its effect upon the social, medical and legal treatment of rape victims. Includes interviews with victims, attorneys, and organizations founded to combat the problem of rape. The first part of the program deals with the problems that rape victims encounter when they report their rape and attempt to pursue it in court. The second part details the steps that can and are being taken to confront the problem of rape. Some of those interviewed on this program are Camille Legrand, law associate at Boalt Hall, Dr. Kermit Gruberg, consulting psychiatrist to the Berkeley Police Department, California State Assemblyman Ken Meade, Margaret Stone, co-founder of Women Against Rape, Joanne Brown, legal assistant in the Oakland Public Defenders Office, Maxine Mackler (Chesney), assistant district attorney in San Francisco. Produced at KPFA and WBAI by Susan Scheftel and Gail Boehm, technical production by Peter Zanger. Contains sensitive language.