Kay Lindsey discusses the group, New York Radical Feminists, with members of its Stanton/Anthony Brigade, Martha Gershon, Ann Coedt, and Diane Cruthers. The group is composed of "brigades" and "phalanxes." The Stanton/Anthony Brigade, named for Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, is new and thus far has organized itself and has formulated the New York Radical Feminists' Manifesto. Specific actions for future have yet to be identified. Immediate goal is to acquaint movement newcomers to the manifesto over the next six months. The group feels that pairing women works well for the learning process, hence the two names in the brigade's name. A few points from the discussion: Radical feminism is an approach to correcting the basic power struggle which defines male/female relations. The essence of male chauvinism is males' self-identity as conquerors of women and of other men. Overcoming this power struggle might be a future goal for the group. In a sense, bisxualization of everybody is made possible by doing away with the dominant/passive model in M/F relationships. By applying human standards rather than male standards in mate selection in our social system, human relationships are enhanced. Adoption of feminist movement goals could result in increased perception of women's humanity and in enhanced warmth and identity among women. An important major goal of the movement is heightened political consciousness. Women CANNOT be integrated into the present male supremacist system. The word "revolutionary" is over-used but should be applicable to the movement. BROADCAST: WBAI, 24 Feb. 1970. PRA Archive #BB3958.