Part 6 of KPFA's presentation of the University of California's Medical Center Conference "The Challenge to Women: the Biological Avalanche" held in San Francisco this year. This is Part 4 of "The Enduring and Ephemeral in Women's Life." In this recording, Max Lerner, Ph.D.(1902-1992), Max Richter Professor of American Civilization, College of Arts and Sciences, Brandeis University (Waltham, MA) presents "Profiles of the Vanishing Father" on the changing role of men in the household. Lerner says at the beginning that he has layrngitis, and his vocal quality diminishes as his talk progresses. Notes on label: "History: about father/son relation - at core of society; about family - and different family structures. Will become a new leisure society with automation. Father to come back into the family.".