Mrs. Evalyn Dundas, whose son Malcolm is serving a prison term for non-cooperation with the draft, discusses with Elsa Knight Thompson the problems that such a situation poses for parents. Malcolm was granted the status of conscientious objector, and joined the Peace Corps through which he was a teacher in Tanzania. He was then recalled by the government and given the draft status of 1A. Malcolm protested the draft, was arrested, and at the time of this interview, was serving a term of 18 months in Lompoc prison. Evalyn discusses her reaction to Malcolm's objections and actions, as well as how other parents have reacted to their children's actions; learning about the terms of the draft and the Vietnam war; how her own attitudes have changed from this experience; and Malcolm's experiences in prison thus far. Evalyn also shares the reactions she's received from everyone from family members to strangers, some of whom were WWII veterans, both for and against her son's stance. RECORDED: 25 July 1967. BROADCAST: KPFA, 3 Sept. 1967.