Lou Hartman talks with a psychiatrist, an electrical engineer, a teacher in a medical school, a housewife, and a professor of economics concerning their experiences in the Santa Rita Rehabilitation Center, growing out of their arrests at the Oakland Induction Center, where they sat in the doorway to demonstrate their opposition to the draft and the war in Vietnam. Guests are Genevieve Knupfer, a private practice and research psychiatrist; John Bernstein, an electrical engineer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; Hadley Kirkman, a teacher of microscopic anatomy in the medical school at Stanford; Virginia Brink, a housewife, formerly an administrative assistant at Stanford; and John Gurley, a professor of economics at Stanford University. This was a follow-up program to a previous broadcast during KPFA's Open Hour wherein Hartman interviewed young adults who had also participated in the sit-in and were subsequently incarcerated at Santa Rita.