Documentary on New York City hospitals, evaluating the affiliation program between municipal and voluntary hospitals and abuses in the system. Episode 6: Organization, control, and planning for medical services. In this sixth and last of the medical series, the future of New York's hospital system is explored: how it will be organized, who will run it, who will plan for it, and whether there will be any community control. Voices heard in this program include Dr. Martin Cherkasky, administrator of Montefiore Hospital; Gerard Piel of Scientific American and who created the Piel Report on New York healthcare system by request of Mayor Lindsay; Robb Burlage, director of the Health Policy Advisory Center; New York state senator Seymour Thaler; former health services administrator Dr. Howard Brown; Dr. Philip Hennig, director of ambulatory care at Metropolitan Hospital; Dr. Donald Dixon, associate commissioner of the New York state health department; Dr. George Bayer, member of the New York City board of hospitals; health services administrator Dr. Bernard Bukoff; Harry Becker, a professor of community health at the Einstein College of Medicine; hospital commissioner Joseph Terenzio; Dr. Jack Haldeman of the Health and Hospital Planning Council; Ramon Velez, director of the Hunts Point Multi-service Center; Columbia economist Robin Elliott; and unidentified interns and medical students.