This program, part of KPFA's regular series for and about the elderly, is an interview by Harry Sheer and Teddy Lewis with Lucy Forrest. Forrest recently returned from a visit to Vietnam and Cambodia (Kampuchea). She went to those two countries as a representative of both the International League for Peace and Freedom, and the East Bay Women for Peace (a San Francisco Bay Area group), after receiving an invitation from the Vietnam Women's Union. In the show, Forrest recounts her impressions of life in Vietnam and Cambodia. Harry Sheer gives an announcement at the beginning of the program about Mama O'Shea, host of Shoutin' Out, and her recuperation after a serious operation. After an initial interview portion, Sheer and Forrest respond to listener's phone calls for the last 15 minutes of the program. Broadcast: KPFA, 22 April 1980.