Charles Amirkhanian plays experimental works by members of his class at U.C. Extension, San Francisco; and introduces the work of Didi Favreau, a woman who has composed music on tape based exclusively on the sounds of office machinery. Her art is an outcry against the slavery of women and is an interesting contrast to her former output as an urban folk recording artist. Tape 1 contents: 1. Oh Hell, Oh Hell, Armanita Yuen[sp?]; 2. Accident, Kiki Bridges; 3. Musical Game, Ginny Scott; 4. Digging Graves at the Bottom of the Subconscious, Michael Harp and James Conaway. Tape 2 contents: Works by Didi Favreau: 1. Rainbow Colors; 2. MTST Song #3; 3. Song for the Office Worker; 4. Yes; 5. Song of the Xerox Room; 6. The Waitress; 7. untitled tape piece; 8. Lament; 9. The Typewritten Letter; 10. The Spoken Letter; 11. Istanbul; 12. MTST Song #1; 13. Baby Blue; 14. Istanbul (reprise) w/ Amirkhanian continuity. Remainder of recording: player piano music furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence of Kensington, and other pieces (not IDed).