Novelist and critic Elizabeth Hardwick presents "New York, Capitol of the 20th Century" at the UCLA English Department's annual Ewing Lecture, April 21 and 22, 1981. The talk was presented in two parts on KPFK. In part one, Pastoral memories, Hardwick discusses the images of Old New York੮ 19th century American writing. This part was scheduled to be broadcast September 30, 1981 but the transmitter dumped it. It was later broadcast on January 6, 1982. In part two, "Demolitions," she discusses the contemporary Manhattanism" of a life totally fabricated by man- a culture of instability- in which the ideal of consumption unites, tragically, the rich and the poor. This was broadcast on January 13, 1982. This program was produced for KPFK by Paul Vangelisti. Previously cataloged as KZ1288, KZ1289, KZ1288.01, and KZ1288.02.