This series documents the Conference for a New Jewish Agenda for the '80s, held at the 4-H building in Washington, D.C., Dec. 24-28, 1980. Although the purpose of the conference was to establish a new national Jewish organization, the speeches and discussion contained herein were of interest to a broader audience. Topics include the political situation of the day, the Left, the rise of the new Right, the family, gays. The program, a mix of speeches, panels, music, and continuity, was written and produced by Anita Frankel for Pacifica Radio. Part one includes speeches by Denise Horton, conference chairperson and DC-area psychologist who delivers the opening plenary remarks; Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Hillel rabbi, associate director of Hillel at Rutgers University and chairperson of the Agenda Steering Committee; Marian Henriquez Neudel, attorney from Chicago and member of Chutzpah, an early attempt to organize a progressive alternative in the Jewish community; Jack Jacobs, a lecturer in political science at Columbia University and member of the Jewish Socialist Youth Bund; and comments from a panel on "The Rise of the New Right" by Michael Berenbaum, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Washington, D.C. and associate director of the President's Commission on the Holocaust; Ellen Willis, a columnist for the Village Voice; and Bertram Gross, author of "Friendly fascism: the face of new power in America." Part two includes Aviva Cantor, editor of Lilith, a Jewish feminist magazine; Michael Lerner, therapist at the Institute for Labor and Mental Health; Ellen Willis, a writer for the Village Voice; and gay men and women (none identified) interviewed at the end of the conference. Part three includes a panel on Jewish progressives and their relationship to non-Jewish progressives, which featured Paul Buehl, editor of Radical America magazine; Stanley Aronowitz, political scientist, professor at Columbia University and UC Irvine and former labor leader and activist; and David McReynolds, chairperson of the Socialist Party USA. Executive Producer for the series was Helene Rosenbluth.