An examination of current views on child raising. Suggestions of new roles for families, schools, and the media will be discussed, including excerpts from the Workshop on Non-Sexist Child Rearing, held February 6, 1972, sponsored by the Women's Center of Los Angeles. Includes live audience participation. Speakers include Chris DeSecco, a children's librarian, who discusses children's literature; Norma Farquar, a member of the Westside Women's Committee talking on text books and language; Carson Taylor, attorney and father who lives in a commune and is actively involved in raising children; Ethel Herring, another member of the commune; Louise Durmon is a teacher who works with the children at the commune. Program presented by The Women's Theater and Media Center of Los Angeles. Produced by Lee Sisson. Part 2 has another program recorded on one of the channels. Requires editing. -- At 10:55, the KPFK news department interrupts the program for a breaking news announcement that Angela Davis had been freed on bail that night in San Jose, following 16 months of imprisonment. Program resumes at 11:52.