This episode of Focus on Women Composers features harpsichord music composed by Margaret Fabrizio and Elinor Armer, recorded on October 29, 1976 at 1750 Arch Street in Berkeley, which is now the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies. Bob Schumacher is recording engineer. Presented and produced by April McMahon. Margaret Fabrizio is a harpsichordist and composer who taught at Stanford University for 25 years. Her "Hologram" pieces heard in this program are built around progressions of repeated configurations on a theme, to create a spiritual, meditative frame of mind. McMahon shares Fabrizio's own description of a hologram and her intentions with these compositions. Holograms I and III are for solo harpsichord; Hologram II is for two harpsichords and is performed by Joan Ferguson and Margaret Fabrizio. Elinor Armer teaches at UC Berkeley. She has set two poems to music: first a poem from the 16th century, The Flea, by John Donne; and a 20th century poem, "Sonnet 11" by E. E. Cummings. These works were written specially for the Elizabethan Trio, a Bay Area group, comprised of Rella Lossy, narrator; Judith Nelson, soprano; and Laurette Goldberg on harpsichord. Track list: 1. theme "Hologram I," Margaret Fabrizio (faded down and out) -- 2. continuity -- 3. "Hologram III," Margaret Fabrizio -- 4. continuity -- 5. "Hologram II," Margaret Fabrizi. -- 6. continuity -- 7. "The Flea" and "Sonnet 11," Elinor Armer -- 8. continuity.