Mary Lou Williams Trio recorded at the Keystone Korner, with Eddie Marshall on drums, Larry Gales on bass, and Mary Lou Williams on piano. Programs opens with the song "Corny Rhythm" by Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy featuring Mary Lou Williams as pianist and composer. The life and work of African American Jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams is briefly introduced, then the performance of the Mary Lou Williams Trio recorded at the Keystone Korner on April 29, 1977. Program produced by Joan Medlin, engineered by Martha Oelman; recorded by the Women's Recording Group of KPFA including Vicki Herbert, Joan Medlin, Martha Oelman and Fran Tornabene. The following songs are performed by the trio: -- 1. "Syl-o-gism" - Larry Gales -- 2. ? -- 3. "Ain't Necessarily So" - George Gershwin -- 4. "Green Dolphin Street" - -- 5. "All Blues" - Miles Davis -- 6. "Surrey with the Fringe" - Richard Rogers -- 7. "Grand Night for Swinging" - Billy Taylor -- --end of reel 1 -- 8. "Over the Rainbow" -- 9. "Baby Man" - John Stubble field -- 10. "Caravan" - Duke Ellington -- 11. "Undecided" - Charlie Savers -- 12. "Grand Night for Swinging" Program closes with "Overhand" by Andy Kirk and his 12 Clouds of Joy. Program is completely self contained.