Sherry Krynski and Ginny Z. Berson host Majority Report for February 18, 1982. Segments: 1. News wrap-up -- 2. A report by NPR's Jo Ann Allen on Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm (D-NY), who the week before had announced her retirement from politics, followed by an interview with Chisholm -- 3. The first part of a three-segment interview with Maya Angelou by NPR's Brenda Wilson, about her life and work -- 4. A brief tribute to opera singer Marian Anderson on the occasion of her 80th birthday, including Anderson performing the gospel song "Hold On" -- 5. Calendar of community events. A final segment, titled "On the Edge" about women over the age of forty, is introduced but not included on PRA's copy of this recording. Executive producer Karla Tonella, theme music by Laurie Spiegel.