Feminist folksinger and composer Lois Ann Thomas has long been performing her music for the women's community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Two of her performances were recorded live with a grant from the California Arts Council; the first set was recorded at The Bacchanal, a woman's bar in Albany, California in February 1977; the second set, beginning with Woman at the Bottom was recorded at Bishop's Coffee House in Oakland. This program was produced by Joan Medlin. -- Songs in order: 1. Sisterhood Sounds Cool - 2. The Woman Who Ate Chicago - 3. Auto-Erotic Blues Again - 4. Queen of Swords - 5. Don't I Wish - 6. Ragtime Song - 7. It's All Right - 8. I Didn't Know - 9. Medea - 10. Ellen's Song - 11. Wheel of Fortune - 12. Lullaby - 13. Woman at the Bottom - 14. Life - 15. A Good Woman's Easy to Find - 16. Night Wind. Previously cataloged as AZ0108.