Valerie Taylor talks about the history of lesbian literature in front of an audience at the West Coast Women's Music Festival in September 1981, then we hear studio readings of three lesbian short stories. The first piece is Celia by Francine Krasno, part of a collection of short stories called Lesbian Fiction: An Anthology, published by by Persephone Press, 1981, read by Ginny Berson and Reyna Cowan. The second story is Ladybug by Arny Christine Straayer from her book of short stories Hurtin & Healin & Talkin It Over; published by Metis Press and read by Mary James. The third story is Grinning Underneath by Maureen Brady, part of the Lesbian Fiction: An Anthology, and it is read by Kim Brown. The program was produced by Kim Brown and Reyna Cowan. Special thanks to ICI: A Woman's Place, for sharing their knowledge and books to make this program possible. No intro or outro. Previously cataloged as Valerie Taylor on lesbian literature / produced by Reyna Cowan.