The News: a KPFA aircheck from October 29, 1981 / produced by Aileen Alfandary and Mark Mericle. Broadcast: Berkeley: KPFA, October 29, 1981. Stories reported: United States economy plunge; President Reagan's approval rating; Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization strike (Tim Frasca reporting from Washington, D.C.); Three new unions created in California: the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the California Correctional Officers Association, and the Psych Tech Union (Charlie Strong interviewed over the phone); End of Philadelphia school teachers' strike; Jamaica severs its diplomatic relations with Cuba; Heavy fighting in eastern El Salvador between U.S.-trained nationals and guerrilla fighters (Roger Burbach speaks); Reagan's MX missile and B1 bomber programs; a study by the Institute for Strategic Studies regarding nuclear war (Helen Caldicott speaks in San Francisco); antinuclear demonstrations in Finland and other European nations; United Nations interest in Iran's human rights issues (Alex Winter reports, Ann Burley of Amnesty International); Middle East reaction to U.S. Senate's plans to sell AWACS to Saudi Arabia (Senate Republican leader Howard Baker and author Sidney Blumenthal speak); Belize Airways auctioned off in Miami (auctioneer Jim Gall); American auto manufacturers all reporting big losses; the All Berkeley Coalition and Berkeley's rent control rules (Bill O'Brien reports; board chair Tom Bruce; Franchesca Callejo); hearings regarding Oakland government under Mayor Lionel Wilson (Wendell Harper reports; city council member Wilson Riles, Jr.; Oakland Police Officers Association president Bob Foster); Five-alarm fire in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco considered arson; FBI's report that crime is decreasing throughout the year; San Francisco Bay Area weather forecast; Sidney Blumenthal speaking on the Reagan administration, AWACS deal, and Senator Roger Jepsen; Wendell Harper reporting on the San Francisco proposition B regarding cable car fares; Highlights of the World Series. Previously cataloged as Women and health in Puerto Rico / Gail Anna Rivera ; interviewed by Sue Supriano, with this information: From the first International Conference in Solidarity with Grenada; contains music. Recorded in Grenada, Nov. 1981. Broadcast KPFA, Jan. 1982. Duration 8 minutes.