Part 1 of 3: Live recording of Jane Fonda speaking in San Francisco (UCSF?) week of April 10, 1973 on her recent trip to Hanoi (for several weeks in July 1972) and the position of women in North Vietnam. She witnessed bombing of Hanoi by American planes and witnessed a play based on Arthur Miller's play, "All My Sons" (with the moral point that there is no excuse for silence on moral issues of war). She seems to be showing slides or some visuals while speaking.ࡲt 2 of 3: Speech by Fonda (a different one?). At 19:44 Fonda speaks of military stereotypes of women and atrocities against women in Vietnam war. She is reading a poem as the reel ends.ࡲt 3 of 3: Questions and answers session following Fonda's speech. Questions are off mike and mostly not heard, only her replies. Sound drops out for 5 minutes (27:00 - 32:20). Parts 1 and Parts 2 and 3 might be unrelated to each other, no continuity between parts.