Scottish poet Helen Adam (1907 - 1993) reads and discusses her ballads and other poetic efforts with Susan Howe and Charles Ruas. Adam was born in Glasgow, Scotland, educated at Nairnshire and Edinburgh University, worked as a journalist in Edinburgh and London, and moved with her family to the US in 1939, settling in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1949. She is the author of Ballads (White Rabbit Press) and Counting out rhyme (published by Kirby Congdon and Ralph Simmons), and has written a musical, San Francisco's burning, published by Genesis with illustrations by Jess (Collins). The other readers on the program are Daniel Haberman and Barbara Wise. Some of the poetry performed in this program includes Ballad of the Hawthorne bough, In and out of the Horn-beam Maze, The fair young wife and A walk in the wind. Produced by Susan Howe with technical assistance by Miles Smith. Restricted distribution rights. Copyrighted by the artist.