Examination of the human mind; how it works and how it should/could work. Get together with R.D. Laing, Harry Partch, Loudon Wainwright III, Ben Johnston, Swami Vivekananda, Tom Lehrer, Roxy Morgan, Germaine Greer, United States Marine Corps., Carly Simon, Beaver & Krause, Ranger and Phoenix, The Eureka Institute, The Incredible String Band, John Cage, Buffy St. Marie, Biff Rose, and Diane Markowitz. Also the voices of Jimmy Elmer, Richard Fiorivanti, Caryl Ratner, and Ed Schechman. From the folio: "A look at the human mind from people who perhaps have different points of view as to how it works and how it should work. The program will include scientific, spiritual as well as practical ways of looking at that organ that lies between your two lobes...By the way, why not use your mind now to figure out the two things wrong with the above paragraph." Sort of a free-form clip show with no host. Carol Ratner and Mark Spector produced the program with the technical assistance of Nancy Allen and David Rapkin.