Jewish woman describes her life in Galicia (formerly "Galitsia"), Ukraine and her experiences with Ukrainians during WWII; her husband, a Jewish man discusses his experience fighting in the Soviet Army in WWII. Other people present participate in the conversation with questions and comments. A Jewish man, a weight-lifter, journalist, and former construction worker, and the man who brought Mandel to this gathering speaks on Cuba in Spanish. As with other Mandel Russian-language interviews, the Russian track plays in the right channel while Mandel's English translation plays in the left. Mandel does not offer a direct, real-time translation for the portion of the recording where the man speaks in Spanish, but paraphrases after the man finishes speaking. The interviews conclude after about 17 minutes, after which Mandel fields listeners' calls. Note on label: "Bad intro" Announcer introduces the program as Soviet Scene, but tape box is labeled Soviet Lives, both of which were series by William Mandel.