A program highlighting women composers in the field of rock music. Produced and presented by Susan Sailow. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Rhiannon, Stevie Nicks; 2. intro; 3. Children of Darkness, Sara Ellen Dunlop; 4. You're the One, Jean and June Millington of Fanny; 5. One Good Man, Janis Joplin; 6. continuity; 7. The Secret in This Lady's Heart, Ellen McIlwaine; 8. I Got the Rhythm, Virginia Rubino of BeBe K'Roche; 9. World Turning, Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham; 10. continuity; 11. I Can Hear Music, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector; 12. Mumbo, Linda and Paul McCartney; 13. Tutti Frutti, Dorothy LaBostrie and "Little" Richard Penniman; 14. outro; 15. White Bird, Linda LaFlamme and David LaFlamme. Master by Joan Medlin.