Steven E. Kroll, president of the Boalt Hall Student Association of the U.C. law school in Berkeley, tells Elsa Knight Thompson about the U.C. law students' complaint to the FCC against television station KPIX. Boalt Hall is the law school at the University of California, Berkeley. On December 8, 1968, KPIX in San Francisco ran a 1/2-hour film entitled "A Report To The People," sponsored by a group called Californians For A Creative Society. The film featured Governor Ronald Reagan giving his views on the state of higher education in California. The station introduced the program by saying it was "in the public interest," which Kroll took to mean the program was not a paid production and also because it was a one-sided commentary with no chance for rebuttal. Kroll called KPIX to ask where they stood on the issue of allowing such a political diatribe to go unanswered by the other side.