Two programs that focus on American attitudes towards the Vietnam War, based on Gloria Emerson's book "Winners and losers: battles, retreats, gains, losses, and ruins from a long war" (Random House, 1976). Emerson first visited Vietnam in 1956 and returned as a NY Times correspondent in 1970, later resigning from the Times and joining the antiwar movement. Part 1 features an interview of Emerson by Lynn Samuels wherein she talks about her experiences in Vietnam and her aims in writing the book. Part 2 features Emerson interviewing Frank Snepp, author of "Decent interval: an insider's account of Saigon's indecent end" (Random House, 1977). Snepp worked for eight years in the CIA as an analyst of North Vietnamese military strategy and was sued by the CIA for breach of contract after publishing his book. "Winners and losers" won the non-fiction National Book Award for 1977.