This program presents music by activist women working in the anti-nuclear/safe energy movement. Very little of it is available on records. Featured are Ede Morris, Kate Wolf, Holly Near, and Women With Wings (a Northern California based women's chorus). Also included is an interview with Lynn Grasberg, musician and member of Women for a Nuclear Free Future and Tisha Darthwaite from East Bay Feminists Against Nukes, discussing areas of specific concern to women within the larger context of the anti-nuclear movement. The mention of the occupation of Diablo Canyon refers to the occupation of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant site at San Luis Obispo, California on August 6, 1978. Songs heard include You Can't Kill The Spirit and It Isn't Nice, both sung by Women With Wings; Powerplant Reggae by Malvina Reynolds; No Nukes by Pat DeCou and Tex LaMountain; The Radiation Blues by Ede Morris; Must Never Be (Diablo) by Ede Morris; Split Split by Melanie Motion, Cyndi Skye, and Davis; We Are Gnawing At The Ropes by Women With Wings; Ain't Nowhere You Can Run by Holly Near; Kate Wolf live in studio performing two of her songs and reads We Are Women, a poem by Ellen Bass, published in Demeter magazine; Susquehanna by Lynn Grasberg; Karen Silkwood by Bonnie Lockhart; Women With Wings and The Affirmation, both sung by Women With Wings. Produced by Susan Kernes and Kori Kody, KPFA, 9/79.