This is the second episode "Dropping Out" in a four part series of lectures by Dr. Carl Faber entitled "Woman as slave." This episode is in two parts. Part one is the lecture portion of the episode, recorded in January 1977. Faber argues that women who have played traditional roles, when they try to change their relationship to male chauvinist society, get some self-respect and enthusiasm at first, but draw rage from men and women. They lose their maternal authority, experience long-term body pain, and incredible loneliness. They are unacknowledged, ignored, treated with contempt, and it may not be worth it for them. In part two, Dr. Faber is interviewed after the second lecture about places that women stop at, types of criticism of women who are liberating themselves, and sexual fragmentation versus sexual repression versus sexual health. Following that there is a discussion on the value of group validation and a debate on elitism and its relation to sexism. Interviewers are Helene Rosenbluth and Roy Tuckman. Produced by Roy Tuckman. The interview introduces the third lecture so announcer should outro with date and time of broadcast for third lecture in series. -- Produced by Roy Tuckman.