Readings from "The Diary of Mary Richardson Walker." The diary was read by Donna Dooley, and narrated and produced by Brett Vuolo. Technical production by Peter Zanger. The music was provided by the Choir of the First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, recorded by David Lerner. Part one covers the courtship and marriage of Mary and Elkanah Walker and their difficult journey overland from Maine to old Oregon, which at that time included everything north of the present California-Oregon border and everything west of the Continental Divide. Part two covers the first two years of Mary and Elkanah's life in the Tshimakain Valley. Part three begins in June 1840, after Mary had just given birth to her second child. Excerpted from volume two of a three-volume series called "The first white women over the Rockies" published by the Arthur H. Clarke company, Glendale, California, 1963.