Swett family history information sent by John E. Swett to the "Ladies of Swett's Tavern" in 1994 consists of a letter about the name of the tavern with a typescript of a description by Wilbur M. Swettof the the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco. John Swett's letter to the Swett Tavern ladies recalls his visit to the tavern and the ladies' interest in Swett family history.He identifies Mr. and Mrs. Lee Swett who ran a store, post office, and tavern at Swett, South Dakota He describes his family starting with John Swett (born in 1590, Norfolk, England) and tells of Swett activities during the Revolutionary War and after.More recent family history mentions California educator and distant cousin John Swett, and the author's own family. Wilbur M. Swett 1906 earthquake letter describes the earthquake andits effects on the city and on his house and medical practice in great detail. He gives an account of the condition of many specific San Francisco streets and neighborhoods, as well as mentioning the situation in Tiburon and Berkeley.He describes organizing medical relief efforts with lady physician Dr. Scott in Tiburon, epidemics among the refugees, and the condition of his practice after the disaster.




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