The Sierra Club of California take a trip through Yellowstone Park. Features: William E. Colby, Secretary of the club for 25 years; Walter Huber, President; Clair S. Tappaan, former President; Dr. Vernon Bailey, Chief Field Naturalist; Sam Woodring, Chief Ranger of Yellowstone; Clyde Erskine; Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Paxton; buses out of West Yellowstone Station; first camp, Nez Perces Creek; Mammoth Paint Pots; The Dome erupting; Five Sisters; Firehole River; Artemisia; Sentinel Geyser; Morning Glory; Panorama of Upper Basin, Fan Geyser; Riverside Geyser; Grotto Geyser; Giant Geyser; Castle Geyser Cone; Handkerchief Pool, Mr. Van Pelt; fishing in Iron Creek; Algous Terraces; Punch Bowl; Daisy Crater; Brilliant Pool; Ink Well; Sawmill Geyser; Old Faithful erupting and quiet.