We present CCured, a type and run-time check system that bring safety to the C programming language. CCured includes a type system for C programs that classifies pointers according to their usage and instructs a source-to-source translator to extend the program with run-time checks in order to guarantee memory safety. We show that the type system is sound in the presence of these run-time checks. CCured can be used on existing C programs thanks to a simple pointer-kind inferencer; on many programs this inferencer discovers that over 80% of the pointers are type-safe.

A significant contribution of our work with CCured is a notion of physical subtyping that is expressive enough to capture common C programming paradigms, is sound in the presence of pointer arithmetic and is suited for simple type inference.

This report formalizes the semantics of CCured and presents experimental evidence that such a combination of static analysis and run-time checking for C can make real system software like Apache modules, Linux device drivers, and network server software memory-safe with a reasonable performance cost and can find programming errors in instances where some existing tools like Purify cannot.




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