We describe the key principles of a flexible dependent type system for low-level imperative languages. Two major contributions are (1) a new typing rule for handling mutation that follows the model of Hoare's axiom for assignment and (2) a technique for automatically inferring dependent types for local variables. This type system is more expressive than previous dependent type systems because types can now depend on mutable variables; in addition, it improves ease of use by inferring dependent type annotations for local variables. Decidability is addressed by emitting run-time checks for those conditions that cannot be checked statically.

Using these principles, we have designed Deputy, a dependent type system for C whose types allow the programmer to describe several common idioms for the safe use of pointers and tagged unions. We have used Deputy to enforce memory safety properties in a number of common benchmark suites as well as in Linux device drivers and TinyOS components. These experiments show that Deputy's dependent types are useful in a wide range of C programs and that they have a relatively low annotation burden and performance cost.




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