Wireless networking has become one of the predominant last-hop networking technologies of choice for consumer and enterprise applications. While this popularity has lead to increased investment in wireless research and wireless deployment, it has also led to increased contention for shared spectral resources as well as increasing expectations from end users. Increased use of millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum for communications is one compelling technique to address both the increased demands of end users as well as congestion in lower frequency bands. However, mmWave provides its own set of benefits and challenges when constructing networks, leaving many open research questions. To evaluate these questions, a testing and development platform that is both flexible and capable of real time operation with acceptable data rates is required. The creation of such a development platform is the focus of this project. The resulting hardware platform is based around a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and an accompanying baseband design that resides completely on the FPGA. The baseband design exhibited good performance in simulated tests and performance evaluations with the entire platform demonstrating a reliable 60 GHz link in a series of physical tests.




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