This report is an edited version of a proposal submitted to the NSF Institutional Infrastructure program in September 1987 and funded in July 1988. The financial data and other supplementary information have been omitted, but the technical sections are unchanged.

The proposal builds on the current research of a broad spectrum of the Computer Science faculty and at the same time expands our computing paradigm in the direction of current and future changes in technology. The funded project, subsequently named the Mammoth project, provides the infrastructure (equipment, its maintenance, and support staff) to investigate many questions concerning the management of massive amounts of information, its efficient storage and fast retrieval on large capacity secondary storage media, its movement in high-storage high-capacity networks, and the facilitation by fast large-main-memory machines of its complex manipulation.

The Mammoth project both enhances and integrates various independently funded research projects that are summarized in the technical sections of this report. The reader can gain an overview of the Mammoth-related aspects of much, but certainly not all, of the research activities of the Computer Science faculty as they existed in the fall of 1987.




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