This paper describes various implementations of ribbed surfaces, a versatile generalization of the well-known ruled surfaces. In the case of ruled surfaces, the "ribs" would be straight line segments; in the case of ribbed surfaces, we allow the ribs to be more general curves, which have their end points located on two different segments of the rail curve(s). Several applications of ribbed surfaces are developed and presented, demonstrating the versatility of ribbed surfaces as a design element. Inspired by the ribbed sculptures of Charles O. Perry, two of these applications begin as emulations of his sculptures Solstice and Early Mace. Extension of these emulation programs then leads to distinct families of ribbed sculptures, each characterized by a small set of parameters. Other applications present the application of ribbed surfaces in the domains of architecture and mathematical visualization. All of these applications concretely demonstrate the design choices one must make when using ribbed surfaces, including guide rail specification, the type of curve used to represent the ribs, and the parameterization of the ribs in terms of their end conditions along the guide rails.




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