Effectively implementing multimedia applications on multiprocessor architectures is a key challenge in system-level design. This work explores automated solutions to this problem by considering two separate directions of research. First, the problem is placed within the context of a generalized mapping strategy and the concept of a common semantic domain is developed which is capable of reasoning about the automation techniques that are to be applied. Second, a specialized design flow and associated algorithms are developed to solve this problem. The idea of a common semantic domain is described and its usefulness in other mapping problems is demonstrated. For this particular problem, a common semantic domain is identified and forms the basis of the algorithms which are developed in the design flow. The design flow is divided into four clearly defined steps, to ensure the tractability of optimization problems while obtaining a good overall solution. The separation of the flow into these steps allows prior work from a variety of sources to be used. Efficient heuristics are developed for each step of the design flow. The effectiveness of the heuristics used in this design flow is demonstrated by applying them to an industrial case study.




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