Communication technology is currently seeing rapid growth, characterized by new access networks, end-devices and an ever growing user-community. However, there is a lack of integration between the different services: a user may have a cell-phone, a pager, a regular phone, a laptop, an e-mail account, and so on. But she has little control over managing communication services in a personalized, unified, and clean fashion across these devices.

The Iceberg Project proposes an Internet-Core based approach for integration of telephony and data services across heterogeneous access networks. Personal mobility and personalized communication management as defined by Iceberg are much richer than the corresponding concepts in traditional telephony.

In this thesis, we present the design of the architectural components that provide personal mobility in the Iceberg integrated communication network. We present our model for a clean, extensible integration of end-devices and networks. We also discuss our mechanism for providing a high degree of personalization of communication. We have a prototype implementation of the integration components in a testbed consisting of four different communication services: GSM cell-phones, Voice-over-IP end-points, Voice-mail, and E-mail.




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