Polymer nanocomposite materials containing inorganic fillers such as metallic particles dispersed in a polymer have been the subject of intense research because of their enormous potential as electronic, photonic and energy storage materials. These hybrid materials combine the functionality of nanoparticles with the processability of polymer films. However, in order to achieve optimal performance of the composite material a uniform dispersion of nanoparticles is necessary to fully utilize the properties of nanoparticles. Usually the dispersion of nanoparticles in polymers is challenging and the nanoparticles tend to agglomerate or/and phase separate in the host polymer matrix.

In this study, (1) a novel nanocomposite material containing dodecanethiol functionalized gold nanoparticle (5 nm in diameter) fillers and SU-8 epoxy resin as the host polymer and (2) a film casting method to reduce the number of voids and cracks through the nanocomposite film were developed. Effect of dodecanethiol ligand on particle agglomeration and dispersion in the SU-8 host matrix will be examined. Nanocomposite film morphology and chemical composition will be discussed. Characterization of the dielectric properties (effective dielectric constant and loss tangent) of the polymer nanocomposite will also be discussed.




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