This is the report of the Master of Engineering (M.Eng) program’s capstone project - Vision Correcting Display led by Professor Brian Barsky. The goal of the project is to develop vision correcting displays, which would enable people with visual aberrations to see a sharp and clear image on a display without requiring the use of corrective eyewear. The project team consists of both graduate and undergraduate students; this report will mostly cover the work done by Sijia (Scarlett) Teng, Jia (Sophie) Zeng, and Vivek Claver from the M.Eng program. Chapter 1 includes three individual technical contribution reports, in which Vivek focuses on the pinhole mask and the projection algorithm, while Scarlett and Sophie focuses on the parallax barrier and eye-tracking algorithm of the project. Chapter 2 is a team-written report to demonstrate our team’s ability to apply Engineering Leadership Series concepts, tools, and insights. It will discuss project management, social and industry context, and industry analysis in details.




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