In this paper, we investigate large scale computers' capability of speeding up deep neural networks (DNN) training. Our approach is to use large batch size, powered by the Layer-wise Adaptive Rate Scaling (LARS) algorithm, for efficient usage of massive computing resources. Our approach is generic, as we empirically evaluate the effectiveness on two neural networks: AlexNet and ResNet-50 trained with the ImageNet-1k dataset while preserving the state-of-the-art test accuracy. Compared to the baseline of a previous study from a group of researchers at Facebook, our approach shows higher test accuracy on batch sizes that are larger than 16K. Using 2,048 Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 processors, we reduce the 100-epoch AlexNet training time from hours to 11 minutes. With 2,048 Intel Xeon Phi 7250 Processors, we reduce the 90-epoch ResNet-50 training time from hours to 20 minutes. Our implementation is open source and has been released in the Intel distribution of Caffe v1.0.7.




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