We present MegaPipe, a new API for efficient, scalable network I/O for message-oriented workloads. The design of MegaPipe centers around the abstraction of a channel – a per- core, bidirectional pipe between the kernel and user space, used to exchange both I/O requests and event notifications. On top of the channel abstraction, we introduce three key concepts of MegaPipe: partitioning, lightweight socket (lwsocket), and batching.

We implement MegaPipe in Linux and adapt memcached and nginx. Our results show that, by embracing a clean-slate design approach, MegaPipe is able to exploit new oppor- tunities for improved performance and ease of programmability. In microbenchmarks on an 8-core server with 64 B messages, MegaPipe outperforms baseline Linux between 29% (for long connections) and 582% (for short connections). MegaPipe improves the per- formance of a modified version of memcached between 15% and 320%. For a workload based on real-world HTTP traces, MegaPipe boosts the throughput of nginx by 75%.




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