A great number of people in India lack access to good health care. I worked on two connected projects which each attempt to address this problem. The former project, called the Indian Health Kiosk project, involved building health "kiosks" in India which sought to provide low-cost health care to people in rural India. This project was terminated after six months due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving my team to create a new project. Our second project attempted to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of projects which attempt to provide health care in India. For this project, called Health Solutions Assessment, we designed a simulation of India which can be used to model health care solutions. The simulation generates a population representing India, applies the effects of a solution to that population, and analyzes the results. It can be tuned and evaluated in its own right using data about previous healthcare solutions to predict the impact of new healthcare solutions. This analysis can be used to identify whether proposed solutions are worth investing in, and this information can be shared publicly to provide a platform for potential investors to learn about and discuss various proposed solutions. Due to time limitations, the simulation is not yet complete, but provides a prototype that demonstrates the potential value of the idea.




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