For the class of replacement algorithms known as stack algorithms, existing analysis techniques permit the computation of memory miss ratios for all memory sizes simultaneously, in one pass over a memory reference string. We extend the class of computations possible by this methodology in two ways. First, we show how to compute the effects of copy-backs in write-back caches. (The key observation here is that a given block is clean for all memory sizes less than or equal to C blocks and is dirty for all larger memory sizes.) Our technique permits efficient computations for algorithms or systems using periodic write-back and/or block deletion. The second extension permits stack analysis simulation for sector (or sub-block) caches, in which a sector (associated with an address tag) consists of sub-sectors (or sub-blocks) which can be loaded independently. (The key observation here is that a sub-sector is present only in caches of size C or greater.) Load forward prefetching in a sector cache is shown to be a stack algorithm and is easily simulated using our technique. Running times for our methods are only slightly higher than for a simulation of a single memory size using non-stack techniques.




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