BiblioText is a window- and mouse-based program for browsing bibliographic data and related notes. It is designed for a personal working environment characterized by indexed bibliographic data in bib, refer, or tib format, along with online documents containing imprecise citations that point into the database. Bibliotext assists the writing of papers with functions like interactive keyword search and automatic generation of imprecise citations; it also supports related tasks like tracking notes and annotations in bibliographic data, building reading lists and annotated bibliographies, and managing personal libraries. In an appropriately configured data environment, BiblioText functions as a hypertext browser, traversing imprecise citations (in the manner of bib) and named links in the bibliographic database (a BiblioText extension).

This document supersedes an earlier version dated October 1988 and reflects changes to BiblioText since that time. Notable changes include a recent port to the X window system, using the XView toolkit, and a complete reorganization of the user interface.




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