The goal of this project is to develop an Android Phone App that can be used to measure dimensions of a room and overlay it with a Wi-Fi strength map. This is meant to address suboptimal arrangements of Wi-Fi router/access points, which result in a low speed/unstable/inaccessible Wi-Fi signal coverage in an indoor space. The motivation of the project is to reduce the cost of having a specialist to come to customers property to fix Wi-Fi coverage problems. The App developed will enable Android users to identify such problems themselves for free. There are two major tasks in this App. The first is to measure the room dimension. Camera and Orientation API calls are used to achieve the first task. A user will point his/her Android phone to subsequent corners of a room. Orientation API call provides the Euler angle reading and a real time algorithm, using trigonometric geometry, computes the lengths of each wall measured. Some simple optimizations are then applied to generate the final dimension and coordinates. All measured rooms will be assigned a specific ID and passed to another Android Activity to be displayed The second task is overlaying the measured rooms with Wi-Fi strength map. An initial map is generated once a user finishes measuring the room. In addition, the user can collect Wi-Fi strength data at 4 corners of the room to improve the map accuracy. The data is provided by the Wi-Fi API calls and associated to corresponding location. After a user has collected enough data points, the App will perform an interpolation based on finite discrete data points. A second order interpolation is used in this estimation algorithm. The Wi-Fi strength is then color-coded and overlaid on the existing floor plan. The methods used in this project are simple and effective. The final product developed is the first working App that combines room dimension measurement and Wi-Fi strength measurement, and will be further embedded by QualComm in their future projects.





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