A new extension package entitled WALK-KIN has been integrated into the existing WALKTHRU/WALKEDIT system. It provides three separate elements that combine to create a more interesting and engaging virtual environment.

The first element is the introduction of the GLIDE compiled-code paradigm for behavior scripting. In UniGrafix, the parsed scripting mechanism has a limited expression semantics allowing only primitive behavior to be defined. The new system is both faster and more expressive since it is compiled and uses C as a full scripting language. The new extension allows authors to create content objects capable of performing limited simulations in real-time within the virtual environment.

The second element is the integration of this scripting environment into the WALKTHRU/WALKEDIT environment. Using the new WALK-KIN extensions, kinematic objects, which are more complex than previously possible and operate faster, can be placed within the virtual WALKTHRU environment and manipulated using the existing WALKEDIT object association primitives.

The third element is a pair of interaction event handlers. The first is an interactive script execution mechanism that enables time-varying objects to respond to user interaction. An execution context has also been provided to the updating function enabling modification of object properties. A second event handler makes it possible to link the various content objects of the virtual environment to related information in other files or databases. The system functions by associating a URL with each prototype or instance of a virtual element. When a user selects such an object, the page at the designated URL is displayed by a Web browser.




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