From runs of standard benchmarks or benchmark suites, it is not possible to characterize the machine nor to predict the running time of other benchmarks which have not been run. In this paper, we report on a new approach to benchmarking and machine characterization. We describe the creation and use of a machine analyzer, which measures the performance of a given machine on Fortran source language constructs. The machine analyzer yields a set of parameters which characterize the machine and spotlight its strong and weak points. We also describe a program analyzer, which analyzes Fortran programs and determines the frequency of execution of each of the same set of source language operations. We then show that by combining a machine characterization and a program characterization, we are able to predict with good accuracy the running time of a given benchmark on a given machine. Characterizations are provided for the Cray X-MP/48, Cyber 205, IBM 3090/200, Amdahl 5840, Convex C-1, VAX 8600, VAX 11/785, VAX 11/780, SUN 3/50 and IBM RT-PC/125, and for the following benchmark programs suites: Los Alamos (BMK8A1), Baskett, Linpack, Livermore Loops, Mandelbrot Set, NAS Kernels, Shell Sort, Smith, Whetstone and Sieve of Erathostenes.




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