The goal of our capstone is to develop a new interactive device using the Kinoma Platform by following the product development cycle from user research through to a final, user-tested prototype. After a brainstorming process and consulting with potential users, we uncovered the common problem of forgetting items such as keys or wallets. These are items that are generally needed every day, but are easy to accidentally leave behind. There is also usually a cost associated with forgetting these items, such as being late to work or paying for a locksmith. We determined that an Internet of Things, connected device solution was appropriate for solving this common problem. In this report we explore the development and technology behind a device called the reMINDer which is our solution to this forgetfulness. It is a consumer product intended to help users remember to take their keys and wallet with them when they leave home. The reMINDer keeps track of these items via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, detected using RFID readers inside the device. It notifies the user through detecting the user walking to the door with a motion detector and blinking LED lights to attract the user's attention. The user is drawn to the device and is reminded to take their personal items resting on the device. Users interact with the reMINDer through the on-device screen that allows users to pair items with the device, and a smartphone app allows remote monitoring of the status of paired items.




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